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How Donors Make an Impact

Student Scholarships

All Bastyr University students wish to improve people's health, but many need financial assistance in order to complete their education and training. The University strives to give its students every opportunity, which often means providing scholarships for those students with the drive and acumen, but not the financial resources, to succeed. Bastyr University relies on the generosity of donors to help defray the costs of educating these future health care providers. 

Over the past two years, Bastyr University has awarded more than $1.3 million in student scholarships. The University's goal is to increase this achievement through the support and philanthropy of generous donors who have come to know and appreciate that Bastyr University is training leaders who will go on to become agents of change in our communities.

Charts showing student scholarships.

Uncompensated Care

All people, regardless of financial limitations, deserve quality health care. As testament to the University's ongoing commitment to the health of the human community, Bastyr Center for Natural Health has provided $3.8 million in uncompensated care over the past two years, helping countless patients from underserved areas.

To reach beyond its own teaching clinics, Bastyr University is proud to collaborate with local organizations to offer care at 19 community clinics in the Seattle and San Diego areas.

This valuable community service would not be possible without support from Bastyr University's generous donors, who recognize the importance of providing quality health care to people in all financial situations. With the assistance of current and new donors, Bastyr University seeks to help even more patients in need in the years to come.

Building and Supporting a Healthy and Sustainable Community

Thanks to the help of generous supporters, Bastyr Center provides for its community members:

  • Free introductory visits
  • Income-based rate assistance
  • Discounts for seniors

A chart showing uncompensated care.


Student Scholarship Recipient

Krystal Richardson, ND candidate (‘14), had always known she wanted to treat people using natural methods. When she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, naturopathic medicine became personally relevant in her life. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation — taking no time off from school — she is now cancer free, and poised to be better able to care for her future patients who may undergo both natural and conventional medical treatments.

Donate for a Cause

"Naturopathic medicine is the future of medicine and Bastyr University is striving to bridge the gap between conventional medical knowledge and the heart of traditional healing — practical, holistic medicine focused on the individual. This is why I continue to support my alma mater."

Lisa Chavez, ND (’07)
Good Natured Medicine