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Professional Options for Midwives

Modern North American midwives are health professionals who focus on the natural processes of pregnancy, labor and birth. They combine traditional skills and modern medical techniques to safeguard normal childbirth, while ensuring access to appropriate interventions when needed. Direct-entry midwives are generally self-employed and most often practice in homes and freestanding birth centers. Professional options include:

  • A woman holds a newborn baby. Owning a private practice focusing on birth-center and home births
  • Qualifying for registration in Canada as a midwife who practices in homes, birth centers and hospitals
  • Developing or working in a community birth center
  • Participating as part of an integrated maternity care team
  • Acting as a consultant to conventional medical practices
  • Becoming a childbirth educator, doula or lactation consultant
  • Working internationally to teach and provide care
  • Serving as a national policy advocate