Tuition, Financial Aid and School Code Same as Kenmore Campus

With accreditation secured and applications flowing in, we can answer more of the California questions we're receiving. Tuition will be the same as for the naturopathic medicine program at the Kenmore campus. Please see our graduate tuition page for more details. Financial aid opportunities will be the same at both campuses, including both federal sources and University scholarships. Please see our Fund Your Graduate Degree page. The Federal School Code required on federal forms is identical for both campuses: 016059.

California Campus Fully Accredited

We're happy to announce that we have received full accreditation for the San Diego campus from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). This is an important step in our preparation, and it makes Bastyr University California the only regionally accredited naturopathic medicine institution in California. We will have more information soon on how this smoothes the application and financial aid process, but we wanted to share the good news right away. Spaces are still available for fall 2012 enrollment.

We Are Now Accepting All Applications for the Naturopathic Medicine Program

Good news for prospective ND students: We are now accepting all applications to the Bastyr University naturopathic medicine program for fall 2012. We are offering the naturopathic medicine program at both our current location in Kenmore, Washington, and at our new location in San Diego, California.

International Students and the San Diego Campus

Will international students be able to study at the San Diego campus?

We do not have federal approval to enroll international students at the San Diego campus in fall 2012. We continue to welcome international students to apply to our Kenmore campus, and we anticipate securing approval to enroll international students in San Diego in fall 2013.