Tuition, Financial Aid and School Code Same as Kenmore Campus

With accreditation secured and applications flowing in, we can answer more of the California questions we're receiving.

Tuition will be the same as for the naturopathic medicine program at the Kenmore campus. Please see our graduate tuition page for more details.

Financial aid opportunities will be the same at both campuses, including both federal sources and University scholarships. Please see our Fund Your Graduate Degree page.

The Federal School Code required on federal forms is identical for both campuses: 016059.

Same Tuition at San Diego Campus

What will it cost to study at the San Diego campus?

Tuition, fees, books and supplies will cost the same at the San Diego and Kenmore campuses. See our tuition page for more information. Our Office of Financial Aid can provide advice on budgeting and scholarships, grants and loans.

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