Video Highlights Bastyr's California Plans

We've put together a video with some background about the need for more naturopaths in California, and how Bastyr University can help with that goal. In a lot of ways, our plans for Bastyr University California will grow carefully and deliberately, much like the process here in Washington state. He hope you enjoy this look at Bastyr's past, and its future in San Diego.

Building Offers Adaptable Space for Future Growth

What is the facility like?

The Bastyr San Diego building encompasses approximately 19,300 square feet divided into two floors, with ample classroom space. The building’s design and zoning allow the University to carry out laboratory and clinical education in the future without major infrastructure investments or extensive permitting. Read more about the surrounding area.

Bastyr Announces San Diego Location for Second Campus

It's official: Bastyr University has announced its new campus will be in San Diego, California, with the first class to begin in fall 2012.

The news comes as an exciting step forward for the University, which is pleased to be expanding and growing in a difficulty economy. After months of scouting, planning and research, the decision means prospective students and University leaders alike can prepare for the inaugural class next fall.