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The Center warmly welcomes you to join faculty member Brad Lichtenstein, ND, to drink tea, eat cake and talk about death.   Continue reading this post...
Posted by Christy Lee-Engel, Director on Mon, 04/21/2014 - 9:43pm
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The Center for Mind, Body, Spirit and Nature was created in November 2009 to support Bastyr University's commitment to a multidisciplinary exploration of the deep questions at the heart of spiritual and scientific inquiry.

As an expression of Bastyr's mission and vision, the Center hosts conversations devoted to illuminating the interfaces, connections and congruence between spirituality, science, nature and medicine.

The Center shares resources in this field and develops collaborative relationships with other organizations and people who work at the frontiers of this exploration. The primary ambition of the Center is to contribute to the cultivation of wisdom and wholeness in the practice of medicine.

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