The Earthanima Project

Earthanima ProjectThe Center for Spirituality, Science and Medicine presents "Earthanima" with kinesthetic poet and contemplative juggler Thomas Arthur. An Earthanima Project production, this event is an imagine-rich journey through the heart of nature designed to inspire an embodied and meaningful connection with the sources of our creativity.

All aspects of this project (performance, short films, images, meditations and conversations) invite you to listen to the breathing earth and respond in the fullness of your imagination. Juggler Thomas Arthur will create a sacred space in which to focus your gaze upon the beauty and profound aliveness of our planet. This deeply engaging participatory performance will invite a direct experience of the elemental and imaginative energies shaping our lives.

When: 7-8:30 p.m. Sunday, November 7, 2010
Where: Bastyr University Chapel
This performance is offered to the Bastyr community and general public free of charge. For those who are able, a donation to the Bastyr Student Scholarship Fund is warmly appreciated.

Posted by Cindy Butler-Smith on Mon, 10/18/2010 - 2:09pm
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The Center for Mind, Body, Spirit and Nature was created in November 2009 to support Bastyr University's commitment to a multidisciplinary exploration of the deep questions at the heart of spiritual and scientific inquiry.

As an expression of Bastyr's mission and vision, the Center hosts conversations devoted to illuminating the interfaces, connections and congruence between spirituality, science, nature and medicine.

The Center shares resources in this field and develops collaborative relationships with other organizations and people who work at the frontiers of this exploration. The primary ambition of the Center is to contribute to the cultivation of wisdom and wholeness in the practice of medicine.