Integral Urban Mindfulness Retreat

When: Sept. 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 19, 2010
Where: Bastyr University

Our lives are the laboratory to refine our insight into the inner physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of ourselves.  As health care professionals, the depth of our wisdom is a reflection of our experience as well as our knowledge. This integral urban retreat is especially designed to support health care professionals interested in meditation and medicine in deepening the foundations and dimensions of their wisdom and experience. The practice of integrating meditation into the fabric of daily life, work, and relationships is a profound and creative discipline that benefits both ourselves and those we care for.  It is in many ways the ultimate creative art form.

This retreat is designed to help you better listen for the whispered warning signs of disease rather that wait for them to escalate into the screams of full blown medical crisis.  As we learn to refine our attention to discern, understand, and have compassion for the emerging subtle inklings of our own distress, anxiety, loneliness and boredom we gain insight into these roots of dis-ease in others. And, as we come to more deeply embrace our clarity, radiance, mindful clear presence, peacefulness, loving kindness, gratitude and compassion we gain valuable insight into the latent presence of these factors of mind and dimensions of being in those we serve through our work as physicians, clinicians and healers.  By deepening our experiential, embodied wisdom to discern a more refined spectrum of our lived human experience, we expand and refine our capacity to attune to the complex dimensionality of our patients, coworkers, partners and ourselves with greater clarity, depth of reflection, empathy, compassion, effectiveness and intuition.
This integrative retreat represents a unique and radical experiment for learning to live and work with clear mindful presence and great compassion. As an intensive professional development opportunity, it has a strong evidence-based curriculum shown to reduce stress in health care providers, increase their effectiveness, promote immuno-resiliency, increase empathy and compassion, and promote the neural integration necessary to function at high levels of health, well-being, professional excellence and human potential. As an urban retreat, it invites you to explore the possibilities for increasing your capacity to live with greater awareness, balance, change resilience, wisdom, and creative compassion amidst the ever-changing circumstances of your life, work, studies, medical practice and world.

Themes we will explore include:

  • Practices for cultivating mindful clear presence
  • Enhancing our capacity as health caring professionals to master stress, reduce mindlessness and enhance the quality of our lives, work  and professional care
  • Refining attention/mindfulness to discern more subtleties of relevance in clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • Transforming ordinary activities (breathing, walking, talking, driving, eating, performing diagnostic evaluations) into extraordinary skillful methods for awakening insights valuable to enhancing the quality of your practice and patient care.
  • Intensive meditation instruction
  • Mindful dialogue & the practice of deep listening
  • The simultaneous cultivation of wisdom & compassion
  • Eating meditations    
  • Walking meditations
  • Driving meditations
  • Listening to the news meditation
  • Enlightening thinking & reflective meditation
  • Shopping meditation
  • Change resilience & living in flow
  • Understanding & befriending your mind
  • Choice, discernment, awareness & mindful decision-making
  • Meditations for sleep, dreams & awakening
  • Integrating meditation, daily life, work & relationships
  • The enlightening potentials of a dynamically creative contemplative life-style
  • Living in dynamic balance
  • Guidelines for daily meditation practice
Posted by Cindy Butler-Smith on Thu, 08/05/2010 - 1:02pm


The Center for Mind, Body, Spirit and Nature was created in November 2009 to support Bastyr University's commitment to a multidisciplinary exploration of the deep questions at the heart of spiritual and scientific inquiry.

As an expression of Bastyr's mission and vision, the Center hosts conversations devoted to illuminating the interfaces, connections and congruence between spirituality, science, nature and medicine.

The Center shares resources in this field and develops collaborative relationships with other organizations and people who work at the frontiers of this exploration. The primary ambition of the Center is to contribute to the cultivation of wisdom and wholeness in the practice of medicine.