Facilitator / Counselor / Acupuncturist

40 Years of Zen is a state of art retreat center located in the east hills near Kent, WA. Our program utilizes neurofeedback and specific physiological measures as tools for peak mental performance, to generate life-changing outcomes. In addition to our cutting edge technology, there is a strong focus on mental processes, healthy environment, proper nutrition and supplementation to maximize the effects of the program. Clients spend five days on site with us as we provide custom designed psychophysiological modalities that are exclusive to 40 Years of Zen. Clients also form a tight knit online community where they continue to grow and learn with the 40 Years of Zen team and the founder, Dave Asprey. Please see our website for further details: www.40yearsofzen.com We are looking to expand our team with a person who has experience as a guide. This role is not about providing traditional therapy as our foundational program has a set structure in place. 40 Years of Zen’s program is about allowing each client to have their own experience, and being there to provide support and guidance when a client comes upon something unexpected, positive or negative. Your ability to work with clients from all walks of life, varying levels of mental acumen, and degrees of success are key to providing a supportive and holistic experience to everyone that walks through the door. The client base ranges from CEOs of large publicly held companies aspiring to reach the next level of their development, to individuals who want to perform better in their work, lives, and relationships. As part of the training process - memories, emotions and experiences naturally surface. Some are commonplace, while others can be very traumatic or profound. With a full five days of training, clients have amazing and insightful transformations. This position would be part-time, working one full week every 3- 4 weeks to relieve our full time facilitator. You would manage the client facilitation for a full program week Monday - Friday and be responsible for client follow up two weeks after their departure. You are experienced in working with various modalities including but not limited to the following: ~Transpersonal Therapy ~Working and interacting with C-suite level individuals ~Insightful Counseling or coaching when required ~Client centered/non-directive therapy ~Teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques ~Gently encourage, witness and applaud the process of people ~Knowledgeable and open to traditional and innovative approaches to healing work and personal performance ~Multitask throughout the day, which may involve client calls, adding notes to the database or making guacamole (we’re a small team and we all pitch in wherever necessary) ~Moderate and facilitate the private online client community (via a private facebook group) ~Curiosity and willingness to learn and use new approaches in the field of neuroscience and alternative thinking ~Working on a small, self-directed team ~Neurofeedback experience isn’t required (we’ll teach you!) Desired, but not required: ~Acupuncturist / Naturopath ~EMDR ~Licensed Counselor ~LMHC ~LMHCA If you feel drawn to this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to: careers[at]40yearsofzen[dot]com Be creative with your cover letter! Tell us about YOU, what you love to do, what fuels your life, and why you would be interested in this kind of work.

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