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As leaders in natural medicine education and clinical services, Bastyr physicians, health care practitioners and faculty members provide their expertise on television, online and in newspapers, magazines and radio.

KOMO-4 News: Acupuncturists, physical therapists battling over so-called 'dry needling' technique
Garlic Tablet Benefits and Supplement Advice from Sheila Kingsbury, ND: Mother Earth Living
Shoreline Area News: Dr. John Hibbs' Dahlias by Donation to Benefit Senior Center
Q13 FOX News: What is Cupping by Brenda Loew, MAc, EAMP/LAc
Salonpas: Role of Gluten-Free Diet with Kory DeAngelo, MS ('11), RD, CD
Mother Earth Living: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine by Sheila Kingsbury, ND
Q13 FOX News: Natural Way to Stay Energized with Andrew Simon, ND
MyEdmondsNews: Edmonds naturopath Dr. Laurie Cullen cycling across America for Alzheimer’s research
Seattle Natural Awakenings: A Tradition of Excellence: Bastyr Center for Natural Health Continues to Receive High Marks
Q13 FOX News: Is Your Makeup Toxic? Herbalist Natalie Walsh, ND, Explains What to Avoid
Massage Magazine: 3 Reasons Massage Is the Best Mother’s Day Gift
Seattle Magazine: Sneezin' Season: Seattle's Seasonal Allergies
KUOW 94.9 FM: Bastyr University's Penny Simkin works with Swedish Medical Center to lower cesarean births with doulas on staff
L'Chaim Magazine: Bastyr San Diego is featured for integrating mind, body and spirit
Massage Magazine: Bastyr San Diego's Jonci Jensen, N.D., studies the "purpose of play" in childhood development
KOMO4 News: Bastyr Chapel gives local ties to the Oscars
YES! Magazine: Bastyr University's Amy Frasieur boosts immunity with food
Q13 FOX News: Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Jennifer Johnson, ND, Offers Tips
Bangor Daily News (Maine): How a former wrestler, farmer became a ‘doctor who listens’
Al Jazeera America: Rise in Contaminants Found in Washington State Fish Populations
Q13 FOX News: Bastyr Clinic's Dr. Andrew Simon speaks about how to avoid germs while at the gym
KIRO7- TV : Bastyr University graduates are being hired by local health start-up Arivale Beauty: Bastyr University's Dr. Dhaval Dhru demystifies the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling
KOMO4 News: Bastyr University's Dr. Amy Davis talks about why time speeds up as we age
KING5-TV: Bastyr University Chapel used for recording the soundtrack for "The Revenant"



Folic Acid Awareness Week 2017 (December 20, 2016)

Dr. Lynch discusses folic acid in his Continuing Education class on January 28.

Bastyr University has announced the expansion of its degree offerings at its San Diego campus to include a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts two-year completion program to begin in the fall of 2017.

Representatives from Bastyr University California work to expand naturopathic scope of practice law to become better primary care doctors

Health Tips

Dr. Yang explains how the alternating application of hot and cold can reduce inflammation and promote recovery.

Dr. Shen-Miller offers his expertise on natural methods for coping with election related anxiety.

With the number of Type 2 Diabetes patients quickly rising, it's time to start preventing this disease by changing dietary and exercise habits. Dr. Jennifer Pilon sheds some light on how to prevent this disease naturally.

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