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As leaders in natural medicine education and clinical services, Bastyr physicians, health care practitioners and faculty members provide their expertise on television, online and in newspapers, magazines and radio.

FOX Q13: Bastyr University's Dr. Andrew Simon Gives Better Sleep Tips
KUOW Radio (NPR) : Bastyr University's Cynthia Lair Discusses Why Fresh Eggs Are Worth the Cost
Bothell Reporter: Bastyr University Honored as a Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling
Massage Magazine : Bastyr University's Dr. Timothy Schwaiger Links The MIND Diet to Decrease in Alzheimer's Risk
SHAPE Magazine: Bastyr University's Dr. Cristen Harris Discusses Proper Meal Planning
KING5-TV : Bastyr University's Dr. Natalie Walsh Discusses New FDA Warnings for Pain Killers
Puget Sound Business Journal: Bastyr University's Dr. Powell Speaks about LGBTQ Advocacy
FOX Q13: Bastyr University's Dr. Jennifer Johnson Debunks Sunscreen Myths Bastyr University Graduate Trevor Clark Completes 650-mile Canoe Trip Across Alabama
Brandpoint: Bastyr University's Dr. Jennifer Johnson Reveals 5 Health Myths
Bothell Reporter: Bastyr University Receives Grant to Build New Teaching Greenhouse
Seattle Times: Bastyr President Dr. Daniel Church Retires after 10 Years of Service
The Dr.Oz Show: Bastyr University Gradaute Dr. Michael Murray on America's Problem With Prescription Drugs
Bothell Reporter : Bastyr President Dr. Daniel Church Accepts the First Key to the City of Kenmore
KING 5 News: Bastyr University's Dr. Natalie Walsh Overviews Battling Allergies in the Pacific Northwest
Seattle Times: Bastyr University Hires New President
FOX Q13: Bastyr University's Dr. Brad Lichtenstein Talks About Stress and Road Rage
Massage Magazine: Bastyr University's Dr. Shawnti Rockwell Shares 5 Daily Weight Loss Tricks
FOX Q13: Bastyr University's Dr. Jennifer Johnson Discusses the Effect of Breathing on Sleep
KOMO News: Bastyr University's Dr. Katherine Raymer Shares the Effect of Coffee on Multiple Sclerosis
Massage Magazine: Bastyr University's Dr. Natalie Walsh Talks About the Pros and Cons of Coffee
Massage Magazine: Bastyr University's Dr. Shawnti Rockwell shares 4 Ways to Get Your Brain to Stop Craving Junk Food
KFMB-TV Channel 8 : Bastyr University's Dr. Shidfar Rouhani discusses ways to fit exercise into your daily routine
XETV, The CW, SD6, San Diego Living: Bastyr University's Dr. Arvin Jenab Discusses Natural Immune Protection from the Flu
KOMO News: Bastyr University's Kelly Morrow, RD, Discusses the Health Benefits of Chili Peppers



Folic Acid Awareness Week 2017 (December 20, 2016)

Dr. Lynch discusses folic acid in his Continuing Education class on January 28.

Bastyr University has announced the expansion of its degree offerings at its San Diego campus to include a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts two-year completion program to begin in the fall of 2017.

Representatives from Bastyr University California work to expand naturopathic scope of practice law to become better primary care doctors

Health Tips

Dr. Yang explains how the alternating application of hot and cold can reduce inflammation and promote recovery.

Dr. Shen-Miller offers his expertise on natural methods for coping with election related anxiety.

With the number of Type 2 Diabetes patients quickly rising, it's time to start preventing this disease by changing dietary and exercise habits. Dr. Jennifer Pilon sheds some light on how to prevent this disease naturally.

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