Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bastyr’s “Top Chefs” Cook Up Fun, Raise $2,400 for Charity

Student teams create culinary sensations in front of classmates and supporters to raise money for Teen Feed.

A photo of the winning Top Chef Bastyr dish.
Winning dish: Sumac and Cumin-Scented Chioggia Beet Latkes with Poached Egg and Fresh Herb Pistou .

Seven teams of student chefs raced the clock to the cheers of classmates at Bastyr University’s third annual Top Chef competition on February 2.

Each team worked together to create a delicious meal using healthy, whole-food ingredients in a timed race. The winning dish was Sumac and Cumin-Scented Chioggia Beet Latkes with Poached Egg and Fresh Herb Pistou created by nutrition students Anita Bermann, Selva Wohlgemuth and Flower Star (“The Flavor Queens”).

“My years of grueling late-night kale massaging have finally paid off in ultimate victory!” says Bermann.

[Bonus: The winning team generously shared their recipe.]

The event, which is modeled after the TV show Top Chef, raised more than $2,400 for the local homeless youth organization Teen Feed, surpassing the goal set by organizers.

“It was a great pleasure to serve hungry teens,” says Star. “There is no cause more noble than to help those in need, and it was an honor to be a part of that cause.”

Adds Bermann, “I think it's wonderful when an event can strike that balance of being charitable yet still provide enjoyment to all involved, and I think Top Chef is just that event!”

This year’s competitors included:

  • Alicia Spalding, Danielle Phillips-Dorsett & Seth Enos (Getting Dirty in the Kitchen)
    • Brussel sprouts with bacon, shallots and a red wine vinaigrette
  • Logan Walker, Melissa Smithers & Sarah Beyler - “Romaine Calm”
    • Thai cabbage wraps with coconut beef
  • Carly Kellogg, Emily Clairmont and Paul Despres (Team Carmelie) – Best execution
    • Shiitake Mushroom empanadas with carrot/tofu dipping sauce
  • Jim (James) Gilchrist & Yousef Jasemian (Team Abu Lazeez) - Best taste/flavor
    • Seasoned rice with chicken thighs, zereshk berries (dried barberries), and veggies. 
  • Karina Churchill and Andrea Hediger (Team UpBeet Duo) – Most creative
    • Lentil stuffed collards
  • Melissa Gibbons, Anh Ngoc Le and Kelsey Asplin (Team Taste Twisters)  – People's choice award
    • Galeaux d'cysines (winter squash) with candied walnuts, creme fraiche, pear, cinnamon and nutmeg. 
  • Anita Bermann, Selva Wohlgemuth and Flower Star (The Flavor Queens) – Bastyr Top Chef 2013 winners
    • Cumin and sumac yogurt beets latkes