Olive Beer Bread

A stylized plate and silverware. Beer gives a yeasty flavor to this quick bread made without yeast. Toast the bread or use it for sandwiches.

The Blue-est Corn Cakes

The Blue-est Corn Cakes Versatile cornmeal can be used as a flour for baked goods such as a more traditional cornbread, or even on the stovetop for these corn cakes. Using blue cornmeal will increase your protein and fiber...

Bruschetta with Watercress and Tomato

A stylized plate and silverware. This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled and works very well as an appetizer. It tastes best when made a day ahead; cover and refrigerate the vegetables and cover the bread in a bowl to keep...

Super Secret Cinnamon Swirl Bread

A stylized plate and silverware. For best results, use a bread machine for preparation. Use both cassia and cinnamon in cinnamon swirl for a more complex flavor.