Humble Hash

A stylized plate and silverware. This inviting hash, with its rainbow of ingredients, goes well with any meal, morning or night. When every color of the rainbow is present in a meal, we can be assured that all the major nutrients...

Garden Quiche

Garden Quiche on a plate with a salad and tomatoes Quiche is a simple dish that can be inspired by in-season produce. It stores well and is delicious at any meal. A touch of fruit on the side creates breakfast; a small salad and a light soup makes...

Flax Seed Oil Fruit Smoothie

A stylized plate and silverware. Get the heart health benefits from the omega-3 oil from flax seeds.

Cascade Trekking Bars

A stylized plate and silverware. These bars are sure to provide enough whole food fuel to climb all of the region's towering peaks. Bake a batch at the beginning of summer and freeze the leftovers for a full season of trekking.

Super Secret Cinnamon Swirl Bread

A stylized plate and silverware. For best results, use a bread machine for preparation. Use both cassia and cinnamon in cinnamon swirl for a more complex flavor.

Tofu Vegetable Breakfast Burrito

A stylized plate and silverware. This colorful dish makes a hearty Sunday breakfast. Any vegetables can be substituted for the ones listed, however, this combination is scrumptious. Serve with a fresh fruit salad for brunch.