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Multi-Center AIDS Cohort Study (MACS)

Study area
Chronic Disease

Principal investigator

Leanna J Standish
Project period
December 1, 1994 - September 28, 1999

NIAID's Multi-Center AIDS Cohort Study (MACS) was a collaboration with the AIDS Research Center in order to assess CAM utilization and health outcomes associated with alternative medicine use among HIV-positive MACS participants. The Bastyr-MACS collaboration provides an excellent opportunity to measure health outcomes associated with CAM use in a cohort from which complete clinical and laboratory data is obtained on a regular semi-annual basis.

The AIDS Research Center was permitted to insert a one-page questionnaire in the MACS questionnaire on two consecutive visits. The purpose of this collaboration is to:

  1. determine if clinical, laboratory and quality-of-life outcomes are different in HIV-positive men who use alternative medicine vs. those who do not
  2. investigate whether or not there are specific alternative therapies used by the MACS cohort that are associated with especially good (or poor) outcomes

Bastyr University AIDS Research Center received 495 completed questionnaires.