Financial Health

Financial Health


Bastyr University is committed to excellence in financial stewardship. The University maintains financial reporting, planning and documentation to ensure fiscal stability, mission alignment and sustainability. These sound financial practices ensure that Bastyr University will always lead the way in education, research and clinical practice of the natural health arts and sciences.

Consolidated Statement of Activities

Year ended June 30.

Revenues (000’s omitted) 2012 2013 Tuition Auxiliary Services Grants Contributions Other Total Revenues   Expenses Core Services Administrative Fundraising Total Expenses   Funds for Reinvestment
$23,318 $25,708
$6,371 $6,404
$3,773 $3,424
$562 $558
$180 $261
$34,204 $36,355
$26,913 $28,519
$5,472 $6,250
$416 $426
$32,801 $35,195
$1,403 $1,160

Pie charts showing Bastyr's financial health.

Statement of Financial Position

Year ended June 30.

Assets (000’s omitted) 2012 2013
Cash $9,369 $10,630
Capital Assets $31,562 $32,088
Other Assets $6,019 $5,474
Total Assets $46,950 $48,192
Total Liabilities $30,535 $30,074
Total Net Assets $16,415 $18,118


Our Vision

As the world's leading academic center for advancing and integrating knowledge in the natural health arts and sciences, Bastyr University will transform the health and well-being of the human community.

Our Mission

We educate future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences. Respecting the healing power of nature and recognizing that body, mind and spirit are intrinsically inseparable, we model an integrated approach to education, research and clinical service.