Dear Fellow Bastyrians,

Today I had the pleasure of being with all of our faculty and staff colleagues at our California Campus as we celebrated OneBastyr. On Friday the staff from Kenmore and BCNH will assemble for a similar event, and on Monday we will convene for the Seattle Convocation in the Bastyr Chapel to commemorate the start of this 39th academic year.  As you all know by now, we at Bastyr are focused on our goals of training world-class students, helping them prepare for the world beyond our walls, and creating an environment that is welcoming to all.

I want to thank the faculty, staff, and students whose hard work has helped to make this year's incoming class among the largest and best-prepared cohort of incoming students we have ever had. I also want to commend the deans and provost for continuing to ensure the academic rigor of our institution, while at the same time retaining all of the amazing students who have returned for another year.

As some of you may know, this year will mark an important milestone for the University.  The University of California-Irvine has created the Bastyr Naturopathic Residency, which will deepen our relationship with a major research university, and I am pleased to share that Dr. Rusty Kallenberg and his colleagues at the University of California-San Diego have agreed to renew our relationship for the sharing of clinical rotations between our medical students.  The Institute of Natural Medicine, Dr. Gary Garcia, and Dr. Jane Guiltinan continue to work with donors and other institutions to create the largest residency program in naturopathic medicine, and the University has pledged the seed money to this incredibly important effort.

There are many more challenges and opportunities ahead, and I ask that we continue to move toward and through them as OneBastyr ñ focused on our mission, our shared purpose within our strategic plan, and always with one question in the forefront of our mind: How does this benefit students?

Welcome, welcome back, and all the best in the coming year.


Mac Powell, PhD

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