Dear Fellow Bastyrians,

On this very beautiful Spring day, I am happy to share the results of our 2016 Annual Spring For Health Luncheon.  This year, the luncheon brought together 225 of the Universityís friends, faculty, staff, community leaders and donors.  With just over 50 more attendees than last year, the University was able to raise more than $90,000 at the event, not including the more than 20 additional sponsorships that were made possible by the work of our Development Staff.  These donations will help fund the important work of our teaching clinics and the care they provide the community.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this yearís luncheon such a success!

For those of you not in attendance, our speaker, Dr. Ralph Pasqualy, CEO of Swedish Medical Group, shared the results of conversations that he and I, along with many of our graduates, have been having over the course of many months.  In his remarks, he shared that the future of health care requires a greater level of partnership and focus on preventative medicine, and that he and his colleagues are intent on forming a partnership with Bastyr to help provide greater level of care for their patients through our collaboration.  I look forward to sharing the outcomes of our future work together, and want to thank all of our students, faculty, and alumni who have made this possible.

I also want to recognize the work of Dr. Jane Guiltinan, Chris Masterson, and Dr. Dean Neary in collecting the communityís feedback on the strategic plan and the importance of career preparedness for our graduates.  

I am also happy to share that the results of the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey will soon be available through MyBU.  Among the highlights of this yearís survey are a deep commitment to the work of all Bastyr employees, a sense of engagement within departments, the ability of employees to be challenged and utilize their skills, and a sense that employeesí daily work helps to advance the mission and vision of the institution.  As in previous years, the consistent opportunity for improvement identified by employees participating in the survey are additional pay, clearer lines of communication, awareness of the Universityís long-range goals, and adequate financial resources for departments.  

In reviewing the results with faculty and staff, I want to first highlight the successes that have been accomplished over the past year: improved employee health benefits with no cost increases, general wage increases, and additional funding for faculty salaries to achieve average salary levels significantly above that of comparable institutions.  Keith Woody continues to monitor salaries across comparative institutions and within the region, and the University remains committed to being competitive in terms of compensation packages that provide excellent pay and benefits for all faculty and staff.

To support clearer lines of communication, last week I held the first meeting of all University supervisors.  In addition to expanding the size of the Cabinet to include representatives from the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and other areas of the institution, and to inviting a student to attend this Juneís Board Meeting, I believe that this Supervisorís Forum is a next step in our evolution toward a culture of greater transparency.  In the meeting, supervisors were encouraged to work with all employees to develop professional development plans and to provide a clearer pathway for the flow of information throughout our institution.  This group will meet regularly to share ideas and best practices, and to create opportunities for employees throughout the institution to be in fellowship.

And, to further expand this fellowship, I have requested that all employees come together twice a year to create a sense of cohesiveness as a culture and to help bridge any gaps in communication.  In addition to our time together at Community Day and Convocation, this will be an opportunity for faculty and staff to share ideas and build deeper relationships.  The first of these bi-annual events, called One Bastyr, will be held at the Kenmore Campus on Wednesday, June 29th, and at Bastyr University California later this summer.  More details about our time together will follow, but I look forward to spending time with everyone and to what is possible for us ahead.

Thank you, again, for your support, advice, encouragement, and feedback.  

Dr. Mac Powell

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