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Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate


Please note: This program is no longer admitting students.  Please contact our Admissions Office at admissions[at]bastyr[dot]edu if you have any questions or would like information about other program options.

The Chinese herbal medicine certificate program is designed for those seeking comprehensive training in the field of Chinese herbal medicine. This program, which is a postgraduate course for licensed acupuncturists, gives students skills and knowledge in the principles of Chinese herbology, including materia medica, formulations, prepared medicines, dispensary and herbal therapeutics. The curriculum also includes clinical training in Chinese herbal medicine at Bastyr's teaching clinic, Bastyr Center for Natural Health. It covers more than 300 herbs and other therapeutic substances, as well as 150 herbal formulas. Students also gain skills in understanding drug-herb interactions — an important topic for today's practitioners.

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