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About Us

Whole-person healing is at the heart of the degree programs offered through the Bastyr University Department of Nutrition & Exercise Science. Our mission is to promote well-being through food and activity, while nourishing and sustaining the individual, the community and the earth.

Our innovative nutrition degree programs encompass a "whole food" approach, allowing you to study food in its entirety, its individual components and how it affects the human body. This comprehensive education merges the science of nutrition with a broader view of wellness, community and the environment.

Similarly, the department’s exercise science and wellness program takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, providing you with the opportunity to explore how physical health is connected to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Through the study of human physiology, biomechanics, biochemistry, whole-foods nutrition and health psychology, you will learn how to promote health at a variety of levels with a degree from the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science.