Program of Study

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Integrated Human Biology

About Us

The  Department of Basic Sciences provides students with the strong scientific foundation required to excel in the natural health arts and sciences. The department’s curriculum is designed to meet the specific competencies required for programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, exercise science, health psychology, naturopathic medicine and nutrition.

The department also offers the innovative Bachelor of Science with a Major in Integrated Human Biology degree that is an excellent foundation for a career in medicine or research.

The basic sciences faculty — who are trained in disciplines that include anatomy, physiology, cell and molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and pathology — is dedicated to quality teaching and mentoring and encourages and expects students to advance beyond the simple learning of scientific facts. Problem-solving, clinical cases and examples are an integral part of the basic sciences curriculum.

In addition, the Department of Basic Sciences coordinates laboratory services and the cadaver anatomy program.

Lab Services

Laboratory Services provides laboratory set-up and support for all laboratory courses in all academic programs. Laboratory Services also trains teaching assistants and work-study students for academic and research labs and maintains safety oversight of all laboratories.