Bastyr University Pathway Program

About the Pathway Program

The Bastyr University Pathway Program (BPP) seeks to streamline opportunities for students who are admissible to Bastyr University by all measures except English proficiency and specific undergraduate level coursework.  Together with Seattle Central College, the BPP assists students in achieving both the English proficiency and general education requirements for admission to Bastyr University.  While completing the Pathway Program, Bastyr University will engage students in multiple ways to ensure that students feel included in the Bastyr community.

The route to Bastyr through the Bastyr Pathway Program is as follows:

Apply to Bastyr University and Receive a Letter of Admission

Bastyr University will provide a letter of conditional admission to students who are admitted by all measures except English proficiency and specific undergraduate level coursework, with the condition that the student must successfully complete the English proficiency requirement through Seattle Central’s SCIE/College Bridge Program. For more information on the English requirements to attend Bastyr, click here.

Enroll in the BPP at Seattle Central College

When you enroll in the BPP at Seattle Central you will be tested and placed either in pre-college ESL classes, or in full-time college study, depending on your English proficiency.

Seattle Central Institute of English

Seattle Central Institute of English (SCIE) at Seattle Central College offers six levels of ESL instruction. The three levels – beginning through intermediate -- are Intensive English, 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. The upper 3 levels are the College Bridge program, part-time college-prep ESL and part-time college courses. The college courses you take have been chosen by Bastyr University for their Pathway Program and will transfer to Bastyr University.


College Study

BPP students who finish the highest level of College Bridge, or who place directly in college-level classes, will take the additional classes required for their Bastyr program at Seattle Central College, or at one of the other Seattle Colleges campuses, whichever is most convenient to them. Bastyr University will accept and transfer approved college level courses that are taken as part of the Pathway Program and passed with the required minimum GPA of 2.5, with no grade less than a C in all prerequisite courses.

Note: Both Bastyr University and Seattle Central College are Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified institutions in good standing and are authorized to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Start the application process

Don’t be a stranger! At all points of the Pathway Program, Bastyr admissions and international student advisors are here for you. Meet with them frequently to ensure you’re completing the prerequisite coursework for your program of interest.

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