Alaska College/University Prerequisite Guide for Bastyr's Naturopathic Medicine Program

The following guide lists acceptable courses that meet the prerequisite requirements for the ND program. This list is updated annually in the fall; however, these courses are subject to change. If you have any questions about a specific course, please contact an admissions advisor by calling either (425) 602-3332 (Kenmore campus) or (858) 246-9700 (San Diego campus).

Please also note the following: 

  • Although the ND program accepts no more than two general chemistry courses as prerequisites, most schools require that a full year (3 quarters or 2 semesters) of general chemistry be taken before the first organic chemistry course.  We do not list the third general chemistry course offered at quarter-system schools.
  • The courses listed below do not include biochemistry, but a science-major level biochemistry course may be taken instead of a second organic chemistry course.  
  • Psychology courses are not included since Introduction to Psychology is easy to identify and is offered at most colleges and universities.
University of Alaska - Southeast (Juneau)BIOL S105 & S106CHEM S105, 105L & S106, 106LCHEM S341 & S342PHYS S102MATH S151
University of Alaska - FairbanksBIOL F115X & F116XCHEM F105X,105L & F106X,106LCHEM F321 & F325 or F321 & F351PHYS F103XMATH F151X
University of Alaska - AnchorageBIOL A242 & A243 & A252CHEM A105, 105L & A106,106LCHEM A321 & CHEM A322 & A323LPHYS A123MATH A151