Distance Learning Prerequisite Guide for Bastyr University's Naturopathic Medicine Program

The following guide lists acceptable courses that meet the prerequisite requirements for the ND program. This list is updated annually in the fall; however, these courses are subject to change. If you have any questions about a specific course, please contact an admissions advisor by calling either (425) 602-3332 (Kenmore campus) or (858) 246-9700 (San Diego campus).


SchoolCourse NameCourse Number
Bellevue Community CollegeIntroduction to PsychologyPSYCH 100
Brigham Young UniversityPhysics105
Brigham Young UniversityGeneral PsychologyPSYCH 111
Brigham Young UniversityCollege AlgebraMath 110
Chemeketa Community CollegePsychology-Biological EmphasisPSY 201
Chemeketa Community CollegeCollege AlgebraMTH 111
Chemeketa Community CollegeIntroduction to PsychologyPSY 100
Chemeketa Community CollegeGeneral PhysicsPH 201
Colorado Community CollegePhysics111
Eastern Michigan UniversityGeneral PsychologyPSY 101-145266
Eastern OR UnivCollege AlgebraMTH 111
Eastern OR UniversityGeneral PsychologyPSY 201 or 202
Edmonds Community CollegeGeneral PsychologyPSYCH 100
Everett Community CollegeGeneral PsychologyPSYCH 100
Linn-Benton Community CollegeCollege AlgebraMTH 111
Louisiana State UniversityIntroduction to PsychologyPSYC 2000
Mercy CollegeCollege AlgebraMATH 116
Mercy CollegeIntroduction to PsychologyPSYN 101
Michigan State UniversityCollege AlgebraMTH103
North Carolina State UniversityPhysics201 or 211
North Seattle Community CollegeGeneral PsychologyPSY 110
Ohio UniversityPre-Calculus115
Ohio UniversityGeneral PsychologyPsychology 101
Oregon State UniversityCollege AlgebraMTH 111
Oregon State UniversityHealth PsychologyPSY 498
Penn StateCollege AlgebraMATH 021
Penn StatePsychologyPSY 002
Portland Community CollegeGeneral PsychologyPSY 202A
Portland Community CollegeCollege AlgebraMTH 111
Portland State UniversityPsychology as a Social SciencePSY 204
Rogers State UniversityCollege AlgebraMTH 1513
San Bernardino Valley CollegePhysics150A
Seattle Central Community CollegeGeneral PsychologyPSY 110
Shoreline Community CollegeGeneral PsychologyPSYCH 100
South Seattle Community CollegeCollege AlgebraMATH 102
South Seattle Community CollegeGeneral PsychologyPSY 110
Stockton CollegeIntro to PsychologyPSYC 1100-091
Thompsons River UniversityPre-Calculus MathematicsMATH 100
University of AlaskaCollege Algebra (Sitka)MATH S107
University of Alaska SEIntroduction to PsychologyPSY S101
University of CA, BerkeleyGeneral PsychologyXB1
University of FloridaGeneral PsychologyPSY 2012
University of FloridaCollege AlgebraMAC 1105
University of FloridaPrecalculus:Algebra and TrigonometryMAC 1147