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Alumni Benefits


Conference Services

Receive a 10 percent discount on rooms for meetings and retreats.

Continuing Education

Take advantage of alumni discounts to expand your knowledge and skills. Click here for the course calendar.

Simkin Center

Gain knowledge and skills to benefit your childbearing and very young clients.  Add specialty credentials as an educator in lactation, childbirth and infant massage at the Simkin Center.

Women’s ND Leadership Mentor Program - NEW

Professional coaching for recent female ND graduates and graduating ND students from successful ND mentors. Learn more about the program.

Alumni Tuition Benefit

Choose between two options for the annual tuition benefit.

  • Free tuition for a grade, up to the value of three (3) Bastyr credits, and one (1) free audited course per year, to a maximum of three (3) credits.
  • Free tuition for a grade, up to the value of four (4) Bastyr credits; and no (0) additional audited course. 

To take advantage of this benefit, you must apply. Application forms are available from the registrar's office and online here.

Please note the following benefit details.

  • Once you have been registered for your class/classes, you cannot change the status (for-credit or audit status) for the term. 
  • The term of the annual tuition benefit corresponds to the academic year and is measured from fall term through summer term. You can use your tuition benefit in any term; you may find it advantageous to consider your quarterly course load in your planning.
  • The free tuition benefit for graded coursework can be used in increments – for example, an alumnus could take a one (1) credit course in fall term and a two (2) credit course in winter.
  • The audit benefit can be applied in the same quarter as the tuition benefit for a grade; but the audit benefit cannot be taken in increments.
  • Participation presumes there is room in the class and all prerequisites have been met.
  • If a graduate is also an employee, that individual can take advantage of the alumni benefit or the employee tuition benefit, whichever is greater.
  • This benefit is not retroactive.

For more information contact Michael Hall at or (425) 602-3010.