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Tuition Benefit

If you have earned a recognized degree or certificate from Bastyr University, you are eligible for an annual tuition benefit which includes:
Free tuition for a grade, up to the value of three (3) Bastyr credits per academic year and one free audited course to a maximum of three (3) credits per academic year.

  • There is a new, second option available, beginning Fall Quarter 2016:
  • Free tuition for a grade, up to the value of four (4) Bastyr credits; and no (0) additional audited course.
  • Please note that once you have been registered for your class/classes, you cannot change the status (for-credit or audit status) for the term.  

The Details

  • You must apply for this benefit. Application forms are available from the registrar's office and online: Tuition benefit application for alumni (PDF).
  • The term of the annual tuition benefit corresponds to the academic year and is measured from fall term through summer term. You can use your tuition benefit in any term; you may find it advantageous to consider your quarterly course load in your planning.
  • The free tuition benefit for graded coursework can be used in increments – for example, an alumnus could take a one (1) credit course in fall term and a two (2) credit course in winter.
  • The audit benefit can be applied in the same quarter as the tuition benefit for a grade; but the audit benefit cannot be taken in increments.
  • Participation presumes there is room in the class and all prerequisites have been met.
  • If a graduate is also an employee, that individual can take advantage of the alumni benefit or the employee tuition benefit, whichever is greater.
  • This benefit is not retroactive.
  • For more information contact Michael Hall at mhall[at]bastyr[dot]edu or (425) 602-3010.

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