Bastyr University Celebrates Naturopathic Medicine Week 2016

What Is Naturopathic Medicine graphic

The fourth annual Naturopathic Medicine Week took place this month from October 10-16.  Bastyr University students and faculty alike participated in the celebration of naturopathic medicine to raise awareness of the importance of encouraging the body’s self-healing process through the use of natural therapies and modern medical science.               

Highlights included:

  • Matthew Cavaiola, ND, a member of the faculty at the San Diego campus, gave a presentation on The Amazing Power of Hormones for Healthy Aging at the UT Successful Aging Expo.
  • Bastyr’s San Diego Clinic was featured in an article in L’Chaim San Diego, Integrating Mind, Body & Spirit.               
  • DeJarra Sims, ND, a faculty member at the San Diego, was featured on CW-6 on October 9, talking about ……. Click here ( for a link to the clip. 
  • First-year resident Sabrina Koperski, ND talked about the naturopathic approach to breast and women’s health at a Healthy Living event at the Bastyr Clinic in San Diego.
  • On October 10, the Bastyr Clnic in San Diego held a Free Patient Night where participants learned about Natural Solutions for breast and women's health. Each received a 30 minute screening from a naturopathic doctor regarding diet, sleep and mental/emotional health. 
  • The University engaged individuals from across the country with a series of social media posts, starting with a video about natural medicine followed by infographics on the Six Principles.