Alumni Spotlight Series: Tiffany Carole, MS, LAc, EAMP (’04)

Headshot of Tiffany Carole smiling

A Short Bio:  

Tiffany Carole has been an acupuncturist for over 17 years and currently practices at Synergy Wellness Center in Kirkland, WA. She developed a technique called Aroma Point Therapy, in which essential oils are placed on the skin at acupuncture points. Patients report positive mental and emotional effects from Tiffany’s therapy. Often, they see improvement in their condition with fewer treatments than with traditional acupuncture.  

Current Projects: 

When the world isn’t in the midst of a pandemic, Tiffany teaches five different retreats in Sri Lanka and England. As the world went virtual, Tiffany pivoted more of her focus towards online courses, greatly expanding her Master Healer Academy. Today, practitioners across the world can take courses in “Shrinking Practice, Growing Life,” “Aroma Point Therapy Fundamentals” and “Supporting the Mental and Emotional Healing with Essential Oils,” among many others.  Three of her Master Healer Academy courses are currently being translated into German, Dutch and Russian.  

Carole has also taught practitioners how to move their services online for telehealth appointments and how to publish tutorials for their patients to access online.   

 The Beginning: 

Tiffany was a pre-med student in undergrad, working in doctor’s offices her junior and senior year. She felt conflicted: Tiffany liked the doctors she worked for and knew she wanted to become a doctor, but she was disheartened with the system.  She discovered a book written by a Bastyr ND alumnus about natural health and natural medicine, while simultaneously applying to Western medical school. Tiffany pivoted her focus to naturopathic medicine and chose Bastyr. One look around campus was all it took – growing up in New Mexico, the Pacific Northwest was unlike anything she’d ever seen. 

“My heart soared. All of these people are interested in really changing the way that we create and experience health-care,” Carole said, reminiscing of the time she came to campus for her interview in 1998.  

Tiffany started in the ND program and in year one, faced severe mental and physical health issues. A few NDs recommended she see the Chinese Herbal Medicine department, where she tried acupuncture for the first time. She fell in love with the practice, and eventually switched over to the Master of Science in Acupuncture program.  

 On the horizon: 

Tiffany hopes to come back to Bastyr to teach and feels very passionate about sharing her experience with students on how to start a business.  She has diversified her career to include not just one on one patient appointments, but also teaching online classes to over 10,000 students, and hopes to share that there are many ways to be successful after graduation.   

Tiffany will continue to assist other acupuncturists in growing their businesses. Much of this includes supporting them in their own growth and evolution, instructing them on how to bring their wisdom and expertise to both patients and other providers.  

Conditions Treated and Clinical Insterests

Before her teaching business took off, Tiffany saw 17-19 patients a day at her practice, often assisting them with pain management, digestive issues and autoimmune conditions, to name a few. Now, she sees patients twice a week her clinic and has loved the shift in workload towards teaching.  

In Her Own Words: 

"My education and time at Bastyr opened the doorway to the rest of my life… A life which I treasure beyond measure and one that has allowed me to be of service to myself and others in ways that are truly exceptional." 

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