“Bastyr Clinic is the Greatest Thing that has Happened to Me.”


I first heard about the Bastyr University Clinic in San Diego, CA from my best friends who were receiving treatment there and had had a really positive experience.  I decided to go because I wanted to get my autoimmune difficulties in check and live more holistically.  At my first appointment last January 2016, I met Lisa Portera-Perry, D.C., IFMCP and her team.  I learned more about my health and got a better understanding about taking care of myself and my autoimmune disorder in this one visit, than I had from other medical sources in the last 40 years.  Dr. Perry and her team’s approach was complete in that they looked at all aspects of my health and well-being, asked questions all the way back to my childhood and really did their homework.  I was so impressed and met with such kindness and care, that I realized I began looking forward to my future appointments.

I couldn’t have known at the time how my life would change the following month.  That February, I put my hand over my heart to cough, and found a lump.  I believe with all of my heart that God knew I had breast cancer and brought me to the Bastyr Clinic.  When the results of my biopsy were slated to come in, I knew I wanted to receive them from Dr. Perry.  I made a special request in asking her to be my doctor of choice to review my biopsy results with me. When she gave me the results I felt so blessed to be under her care at Bastyr. She helped me hold the highest possibility for what lay ahead on my journey. 

Dr. Perry immediately went to work to build an integrative care team which included my oncology team as well as expanding my care at the Bastyr clinic to include Timothy Schwaiger ND, (Bastyr’s provider who specializes in integrative oncology supportive care).  I felt the support of the entire team and knew that we were going to get through this together, and that I was going to get better. 

The doctors at Bastyr are supportive in every aspect of healing. One of Dr. Perry’s main area of focus during my journey has taught me how to pay particular attention to unifying my heart and mind for optimal healing.

I am not going to be a cancer survivor; I am going to be victorious in this fight against cancer.  I truly believe it’s because of the combined integrative care that I am receiving at the Bastyr Clinic that I am feeling healthier, and I know that my chemotherapy side effects would be much worse if it were not for my treatment from the Bastyr clinical team.

Everyone that I have met and worked with at Bastyr Clinic has been so incredible and I feel truly blessed to be receiving care there.  Since my diagnosis, I have felt no fear with Drs. Perry and Schwaiger at the helm, guiding me along the most challenging journey of my life. No matter the circumstances that lie ahead, I know that I will be taken care of and poised for victory at Bastyr Clinic. 

Bastyr University has been conducting a study of patients with cancer to determine the types of treatments that best work for them. If you are interested in learning more about this project and supporting the work being done, click here.