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5 Ways to Lower your Blood Pressure NaturallyFriday, September 30, 2022
Nearly have of all U.S. adults have hypertension, which is defined as a systolic blood pressure... Read more »
How to Make Vinegar, 3 Ways!Friday, September 30, 2022
In today’s fast-paced world, with easy access to a myriad of products, making pantry staples at... Read more »
Monocultures - What they are and Why they're Unhealthy. Friday, September 30, 2022
If variety is the spice of life, why do corn, soybeans and wheat make up over 50% of the food grown... Read more »
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Fundamentals of Intuitive EatingThursday, September 1, 2022
Learn the 10 principles of intuitive eating and heal your relationship with food. Read more »
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Important Nutrients for ADHD and ADDThursday, September 1, 2022
While ADHD is a diagnosis that requires medication for some, there may be some actions you can take... Read more »
Recipe: Watermelon Lime Mint Agua FrescaThursday, September 1, 2022
A refreshing recipe from Bastyr's nutrition department Read more »
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4 Simple Ways to Reduce Microplastics in FoodMonday, August 1, 2022
Americans consume a whopping 39,000 to 52,000 particles of microplastics per year. Learn how to... Read more »
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Are Supplements Helpful for Hair Growth?Monday, August 1, 2022
Many who suffer from hair loss are looking for solutions. Do supplements promote hair growth or is... Read more »
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Recipe: No-Bake BrowniesMonday, August 1, 2022
Serve this easy, no-bake brownie with a side of vegan whipped cream and fresh fruit for a... Read more »
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How to Incorporate More Vitamin D in Your DietFriday, July 1, 2022
Vitamin D is both a hormone that we produce and a nutrient found in food that we eat. Here are ways... Read more »
Recipe: Millet FalafelThursday, June 2, 2022
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Healthy Social Media HabitsTuesday, May 17, 2022
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A Beginner's Guide to Low FODMAPWednesday, May 4, 2022
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Food to Reduce Symptoms of AnxietyThursday, March 24, 2022
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Millet Falafel on plate
Recipe: Millet FalafelMonday, March 21, 2022
This twist on classic falafel will not leave you disappointed. Loaded with fresh herbs and spices,... Read more »
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5 Principles of Health at Every SizeWednesday, March 2, 2022
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Spring Pea and Citrus Salad RecipeThursday, March 3, 2022
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Naturopathic Ways to Alleviate SymptomsWednesday, February 2, 2022
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