Detoxify with Food: Nature’s Secrets to Refresh & Revitalize
Monday, September 8, 2014


Seasonal food cleansing supports the body’s innate detoxifying abilities to restore your vital energy.

Beets on cutting board

Do you dream of radiant skin, a clear mind, relaxed muscles and abundant energy? Seasonal food cleansing supports the body’s innate detoxifying abilities to restore your vital energy. Forget expensive supplements and restrictive diets and learn to eat whole foods for renewed health.

Why detox?

Every person has natural detoxification systems already in place called the organs of elimination: the skin, lungs, liver and digestive and urinary tracts. Yet modern life bombards the body with environmental toxins from pesticides, herbicides, food additives, pollutants, antibiotics and other sources. This increased toxic load means the organs of elimination need extra support for optimal performance. Fortunately, whole foods support these innate detox abilities.

Foods for Natural Detoxification

Love your liver: The liver processes all toxins in the body. Foods that support the liver are abundant in nature. Think anything green or bitter.

  • Dark green leafy veggies
  • Bitter foods such as dandelion leaves
  • Sulfur rich veggies such as crucifers
  • The two B’s: beets and burdock
  • Milk thistle seeds
  • Lemons or raw apple cider vinegar

Eat a rainbow: Phytochemicals are the plant pigments that participate in detox pathways and encourage proper elimination.

Say yes to fresh green juices: These are the perfect dietary compliment during seasonal shifts such as winter to spring.

Eat seasonally: Mother Nature knows best! Foods grown in season are perfectly intended to support transitions.

Stay hydrated and boost fiber-rich foods: Water supports the urinary and digestive tracts. Go to a local grocery store to buy these foods and kick-start vibrant health today.

By Siona Sammartino, MSN, dietetic intern, and Debra Boutin, MS, RD, chair and dietetic internship director, Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science at Bastyr University.

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Detoxify with Food: Nature’s Secrets to Refresh & Revitalize | Bastyr University