Matt Brignall

Matt Brignall, ND

Matt Brignall
School of Naturopathic Medicine

Current Roles

Dr. Brignall is a core faculty member at Bastyr University, where he teaches Oncology, Standards of Care and Clinical Nutrition. He supervises the Supportive Cancer Care specialty shift at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, and he has been in private practice since 2000.


  • BS in Biology from the University of Michigan
  • ND from Bastyr University
  • Member of the Northwest Rett Syndrome Foundation

Past Experience

Dr. Brignall has worked in many different cancer care settings, including purely alternative medicine, integrative conventional and CAM practices and a hospital-based oncology center.


Dr. Brignall’s special interests include cancer and pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders.


Dr. Brignall believes in application of evidence-based medicine principles to primary care practice. As such, he uses standards of practice-driven foundational therapies (e.g., diet and lifestyle) as the basis for every treatment plan. He tries to encourage his patients through informed consent to choose the right therapies, whether herbal, nutritional, pharmaceutical or something else, on a case-by-case basis.

Matt Brignall, ND
Matt Brignall, ND
Matt Brignall | Bastyr University