Donna DiPaolo

Donna DiPaolo, Ph.D.

Donna DiPaolo
School of Natural Health Arts & Sciences
Department of Basic Sciences

Current Roles

 Core Faculty member of the Department of Basic Sciences.


Widener University, B.S. in biology with minor in chemistry, 1986, Valedictorian. University of California, Davis, M.S. in Nutrition, 1991. University of Texas Houston Health Science Center/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, specialization in Reproductive Biology, 1999. University of California, San Diego, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1999-2000.

Past Experience

Chair, Department of Life Sciences, San Diego City College (2011-2013) Associate Professor, Biology, San Diego City College (2009-2013) Assistant Professor, Biology, San Diego City College (2005-2009) Assistant Professor, Biology, Cosumnes River College (2004-2005) Adjunct Professor, Biology, Cosumner River College and Sierra College (2003-2004) Associate Toxicologist, California Department of Pesticide Regulation Worker Health and Safety (2001-2004) Patent Advisor, Genset Corporation (200 1) 

Classes Taught

Integrated Structure Function (Histology), Integrated Body Systems (Physiology), Integrated Case Studies, Physiology and Histology Labs 


 Human Physiology, Histology, Basic Nutrition, Cell Biology, Integrated Biology, Behavioral Biology, From the Bean Chocolate Making



As a teacher, I strive to empathize with my students while still holding them accountable for their own learning. I hold my students to the highest of standards, and I aim to provide the intellectual framework and moral support needed to foster student success. My goal is to understand the many challenges that students face so I can best guide them on a lifelong mission to never stop learning and to continually push the boundaries of their professional, social, and personal development. 

Professional Affiliations

Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao Association 

Books or Articles Authored

DiPaolo, D., Graham, T.W., Mohr, F.C., Stabenfeldt, G.H., Keen, C.L. 1993. Influence of zinc on 1713 estradiol and progesterone release from dispersed rat ovarian cells. J Trace Elem Exper Med 6:147-154. Davis, P.A., Platon, J-F., Gershwin, M.E., Halpern, G.M., Keen, C.L., DiPaolo, D., Alexander, J., Ziboh, V.A. 1993. A linoleate-enriched cheese product reduces low-density lipoprotein in moderately hypercholesterolemic adults. Ann Intern Med 119:555-559. DiPaolo, D. et al., 1995. Effect of a low-fat diet on bioavailable E2 (NPBE) levels in an ethnic diverse population. (abstract) Proc Amer Assoc Cane Res. 36:277. 

DiPaolo, D. and Jones, L.A. 2000. Neonatal estradiol exposure alters mouse mammary estrogen receptor a expression. lnt J On col 16: 935-941. Vasilyev, V.V., Lawson, M.A., DiPaolo, D., Webster, N.J., Mellon, P.L. 2002. Different signaling path

Donna DiPaolo, Ph.D.