Marge Mansfield, LM, CPM

Current Roles

Marge Mansfield has taught Clinical Seminar in the Department of Midwifery for many years and serves as Community Clinical Faculty.  She also has been a guest on numerous panels and assists with student evaluation in both Basic Clinical Assessment and Advanced Clinical Exams.


  • BA in biology from Colorado College, in 1970
  • Certificate in Midwifery from Seattle Midwifery School in 1979
  • Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, 1997

Past Experience. 

Marge Mansfield began her midwifery training in 1975 in Seattle in a collective apprenticeship model with two family-practice physicians and four other midwife trainees. In 1978 she co-founded the Seattle Midwifery School (SMS), where she was initially the Academic Director (78-88) and has been on faculty most of the next 30 years.   She also worked with her midwifery partner Suzy Myers for over 30 years in the practice they co-owned, Seattle Home Maternity Service and Childbirth Center, where today Seattle-area families continue to receive full-scope midwifery care for home and birth center deliveries. Although no longer on-call for births, she is still providing pre and postnatal care as a midwife. 

Other work includes:

*In the mid-80’s she assisted in the development of registration in British Columbia and Alberta

*She served on the Board of the Midwives Association of Washington State ____ and on the Washington State Midwifery Advisory Council, chairing it ____

*She has been coordinator of the state association’s Quality Management Committee since 2005

*She worked on the development of the data collection tools of MANA starting in the mid-90’s

*She worked on the initial development of the written exam for the North American Registry of midwives, and on the Task Force to develop the CPM credential

Classes Taught

  • Clinical Seminar


Professionally Marge has been interested in issues of student progress and evaluation and quality assurance in midwifery practice.  She’s also interested in the provision of maternal-child health care and models of midwifery education throughout the world and at all levels.  Although mostly recreationally, she has traveled widely and established connections with midwives in a variety of other countries.  She is currently on the board of 2 small non-profits, supporting women and children in Nepal and in Tibet.  Here, she has taught neonatal resuscitation, tailored to the out-of-hospital provider, both at Bastyr and independently for over 20 years. 

She aims to have an active lifestyle, hiking in the mountains as much as is feasible.  She obtained a pilot’s license in the early 90’s; played African music professionally for 7 years before that.  She and her partner enjoy family time, their dog, gardening, and traveling.


Marge has enjoyed the experience of working with students through their educational process as much as working with women through their experiences of pregnancy and birth.  She believes that mutual respect and good communication are cornerstones for both types of relationships and strives to exhibit this in her mentoring and clinical service.   She believes in the strength of teamwork, community-building, and grassroots activism, all of which contributed to her role in the establishment of Seattle Midwifery School.

Marge Mansfield, LM, CPM

Marge Mansfield, LM, CPM

Marge Mansfield, LM, CPM
School of Natural Health Arts & Sciences
Department of Midwifery