Our basic research facilities comprise the 2,500-square-foot Tierney Basic Sciences Research Laboratory, located on the main campus. Here, students and research faculty conduct analytical chemistry, immunology, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology experiments. The general focus of present research is the cancer prevention and treatment, stimulation of the immune system and the chemical characterization of botanical products.

In addition to standard tissue culture facilities, our laboratory contains a four-channel flow cytometer, thermocycler, UV/vis and fluorescent plate readers, a fluorescent microscope with digital camera, a CCD imaging system and various HPLC, FPLC and GC instruments including an HPLC with a coularray detector. A  Biosafety Level (BL)-2/3 laboratory is also housed within the Tierney Research lab that can be used for experiments involving samples infected with HIV and similar infectious agents.

Bastyr University has clinical trials under way at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, located in Seattle. Additionally, there are three standardized patient exam rooms on Bastyr's campus in Kenmore used exclusively for clinical research.

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