Breast Cancer Integrative Oncology: Prospective Matched Controlled Outcomes Study

HYPOTHESIS: IO services improve patients' quality of life and decrease cancer recurrence rates in breast cancer patients as compared to women with similar disease states and prognoses who do not receive IO care, and may or may not use CAM treatment on their own.

STUDY POPULATION: All breast cancer patients seeking care at participating IO clinics who meet inclusion/exclusion criteria are eligible to participate. Matched comparison cases will be identified from Washington State CSS.


  • IO patients with primary diagnosis of breast cancer and receiving care at a participating clinic.
  • Matched cancer cases from CSS database
  • Ages 18 to 100
  • Can provide informed consent
  • Can read and understand the questionnaires

STUDY EXPANSION:  Hecht Foundation’s commitment will continue and expand the current NCCAM funded Breast Cancer Integrative Oncology: Prospective Matched Controlled Outcomes Study. It will fund the continued collection of clinical, laboratory and quality of life outcomes for the NCCAM-funded case cohort of 300 and their 600 matched controls.  Five years of data on all study participants will create meaningful survival, disease-free and progression free survival Kaplan-Meier curves.  The combined resources of NCCAM and the Hecht Foundation will lead to meaningful insights into the impacts of the merging field of integrative oncology


This study is ongoing but not recruiting new participants.

Study area: 
Principal investigator: 
Leanna J. Standish, ND, PhD, LAc, FABNO; M. Robyn Andersen, PhD
Project period: 
8/1/10 – 12/31/18
Completed date (for sorting): 
Monday, December 31, 2018
Funded by: 
Primary funding by: NIH/NCCAM Grant No. 1R01AT005873; Study Expansion funding by: Lotte & John Hecht Foundation