Study area

Principal investigator

J Slaton (U of MN)
Cynthia Wenner, PhD
Project period
2004 – 2010

The objectives of this developmental center grant are 1) developing basic, translational, and clinical research to explore the feasibility and scientific rationale for use of mushroom extracts as immunopotentiating agents; 2) facilitating the development of the capacity of investigators at Bastyr University to participate in basic and translational CAM research; 3) enhancing the capacity of investigators at the University of Minnesota to participate in translational and clinical CAM research.

Three research projects are being conducted and are supported by three core facilities under this grant. Project one explores the immune modulatory effects of T. versicolor(Tv) extracts in a murine model (J. Slaton, PI). Project two is focused on defining the immune modulatory activities of distinct Tv preparations in vitro, as well as determining the ex vivo immunomodulatory activities of a commercially available Tv preparation in a placebo-controlled cross-over study in healthy humans (Cynthia Wenner, PhD, PI). Project three is focused on determining the changes in immune parameters that occur in women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer, and determining the safety and tolerability of Tv in a Phase I dose-escalation trial in women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer.