Resources for Parents at Bastyr

Parent Resource Center

Bastyr University's part time drop-in care center at the Kenmore Campus provides professional care for children ages 3 months to 5 years whose parents are current students, faculty, or staff.


Our Philosophy

At the PRC, we are play-based, relationship centric, and emotionally responsive.  Respect for children is our guiding principle, and we have several core values that flow from there, which shape the way we care for children

1) We see children as capable learners, whose main work is play: At the PRC, we use a constructivist philosophy to build our learning environment in response to the curiosities of the children.  We have no set agenda, but strive to remain flexible so that we can observe, offer opportunities, and build on each child’s unique interests.  We trust that they are capable of telling/showing us what they need to learn.

2) We believe that relationships are central to learning: We work hard to build a relationship of trust with each child.  This allows the child to relax, and feel free to pursue individual curiosities, knowing that they are supported and can ask for help.

3) Our work with children is rooted in emotional responsiveness.  We operate with a deep respect for children and their feelings, and believe that it is our job to provide a safe container for those feelings while helping each child to build skills of self-regulation.  


Our Program

We serve as a part time childcare option for families whose children are between three months and 5 years old, so there is lots of interaction between older children and babies.  The relationships that develop between older and younger children are unique and special, and present wonderful learning opportunities for all involved.  These relationships are full of warmth and offer ways to develop care-taking skills and deepen our sense of empathy.

Much of the activity at the PRC is built around daily routines like eating, playing, napping, and diaper changes.  We give children real choices when possible, which helps them to develop a sense of competency and self-esteem.  We use respectful language with even the youngest babies, who can understand far more than we think. 

We place a high value on interacting with the natural world, so we spend time outside each day, no matter the weather.  We have a partially covered outdoor play space so that we can be outdoors even in heavy rain. 

Sometimes, a child’s learning journey looks like a deep dive into a long term project, and other times, it can look like a child’s interests are ever shifting, and they will move quickly from activity to activity.  We provide lots of interesting activities and sensory experiences, and also help children pursue long-term projects when they express an interest.

One unusual aspect of our program is the amount of transitions each day.  Because children come and go all day long due to varying parent schedules, we make every effort to keep transitions as smooth as possible.  We keep our staff to child ratios much lower than those required by the state, so that we may be extra attentive to children who find these times challenging. Our staff are trained to pay attention to children’s cues around these transitions, so that they can thoughtfully attend to their needs.


Contact Us

For questions about parent resources at Bastyr, contact Wendy Werner at or (425)-877-3831.

Other Resources

More than a tenth of Bastyr students are parents. The University offers a variety of resources to support them as parents and as students.

"After Hours" Forum

Bastyr's online message board is a popular place for students, staff, faculty and alumni to find used items, babysitters or advice from a health-minded community. Users often give away or sell items like baby-food jars, clothes and strollers.

Lactation Rooms

Both the Kenmore and San Diego campuses and the Seattle teaching clinic, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, offer quiet, private lactation rooms with hospital-grade breast pumps.

Pediatrics Education

Studying at Bastyr means learning about child health and development. Nutrition courses teach how diet needs change during development, for example.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Planning & Support

New or expectant parents can contact for help with this transition. 

Supportive Campus Atmosphere 

Most of all, parents appreciate the many small signs that the campus welcomes parents and children, such as changing tables in both women's and men's restrooms. Academic advisors help students plan for births and family needs.


The following additional resources are available at the Kenmore campus.

Parent Lounge

Located directly next to our Chlidcare Center is a small, cozy space perfect for nursing, pumping or spending time with your young child. 

Pediatrics Club

This student club hosts educational talks and lunchtime discussion. Parents welcome!

St. Edward State Park Playground, Fields and Trails

Our next-door neighbor offers forested trails, a small beach on Lake Washington and a free summer concert series popular with young families. The park's extensive Northwest-themed playground (check it out) includes a tree house, ferry-boat sandbox, light house, back-hoe digger, hollow cedar-tree tower and climbing net. Our campus has its own gardens and ball fields for young ones to burn off energy as well.

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