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Kenmore Campus

An aerial view of the Bastyr campus taken during the fall.


The 51-acre Bastyr University campus is uniquely suited for the study of natural health sciences. Nestled among fields and woodlands on the northeast shore of Lake Washington, the 186,000-square-foot campus complex is located 10 miles northeast of Seattle in Kenmore, Washington. Built in 1959 as a Catholic seminary, the facility has been used by Bastyr University since 1996.

Seattle, Washington

Even the city of Seattle retains the region's forested feel. Located on the Puget Sound, Seattle boasts numerous parks with access to its many lakes, rivers, streams and the Sound. But Seattle also offers plenty of big-city charm, including a busy nightlife, award-winning restaurants and shopping ranging from boutiques featuring only local artisan crafts to national department stores.

Although the city draws 10 million tourists from across the globe each year, Seattle's attractions are as equally beloved by area residents, including:

Seattle is easily accessible via Bastyr's own shuttle, public transportation or by bicycle on the scenic Burke Gilman Trail.

But feel free to stay closer to campus. Downtown Kenmore, also on the shore of Lake Washington, offers plenty of retail and restaurants, while just a couple of miles farther from campus are the cities of Kirkland and Bothell, both offering thriving downtowns districts with parks dotting the way.

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Surrounding Area

Beyond the urban areas of the Puget Sound region awaits fun-filled weekends for outdoor enthusiasts, beach combers, wine lovers and more.

The nearby Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges offer endless campgrounds and trails for hikers, bikers and other recreationists, while Washington's burgeoning wine country lies just over the Cascades to the east. And although you may not get the chance to don your beachwear at either the Washington or Oregon coasts, just remember that what the Pacific Northwest beaches lack in tropical weather they make up for in beauty.

In addition, the state is bordered on the north by British Columbia, so visiting a foreign country is just a short ferry or train ride away.

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