Current Topics in Naturopathic Pediatrics (WANPHOME-11CURR000)

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Instructors: Various. 12 CEUs/CMEs approved for: NDs (except CA), RNs & ARNPs in WA, MDs & PAs - Category II CMEs. This package includes 16 audio CD's and a copy of each presenter's handouts on CD.

This seminar was originally recorded at Bastyr University on March 3-4, 2012

Treating Anxiety in Children with 5-MTHF, Jared Skowron, ND

Homeopathy on the Fly: Prescribing for Kid’s Acutes with Accuracy & Speed (Part 1 of 2), Amy Rothenberg,ND

Homeopathy on the Fly: Prescribing for Kid’s Acutes with Accuracy & Speed (Part 2 of 2) Amy Rothenberg,ND

Urgent Childhood Conditions in the Primary Care Setting,Shane Hoffman, MD & Peter Rowinsky, MD

Treating Autism on a Dime - Affordable Naturopathic Treatment, Jared Skowron, ND     

Pediatric Dermatological Issues - PH Included, Mary Bove, ND

Kid's Health: the Digestive-Immune Connection, Mary Bove, ND

Endocrine Disorders in Adolescence, Tamara Cullen, ND

Course Notes

Post-course quiz must be completed with a score of 75 percent or higher to receive CEUs.


Jared Skowron, ND

Dr. Skowron recently published the Amazon bestseller, 100 Natural Treatments for Your Child (Rodale Press, 2011), and is also the author of Fundamentals of Naturopathic Pediatrics (CCNM Press, 2009). He is a faculty member at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, where he founded the Pediatric & Autism Clinic.  He also maintains a clinical practice in Wallingford, CT, where he specializes in the treatment of autistic-spectrum disorders in children.  In addition, Dr. Skowron serves as the vice president of the recently formed Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians, PedANP, an affiliate organization of the AANP. 

Amy Rothenberg, ND

Dr. Rothenberg has been practicing for the past 26 years. In addition to seeing patients, her book The A Cappella Singer Who Lost Her Voice & Other Stories From Natural Medicine was published in 2011 (

Dr. Rothenberg served on the Board of Health in Amherst, Massachusetts for six years and is active in the legislative arena in that state. She is a sought-after speaker by both lay and physician audiences and is often interviewed on topics related to natural medicine. She teaches homeopathy through the New England School of Homeopathy ( She also is the mother of three grown children.

Shane Hoffman, MD

After completing a general pediatrics residency in New York City, Dr. Hoffman worked in both primary care and emergency room settings. He has been living and working in the Seattle area since 1999, and is currently employed at the Group Health Capitol Hill Urgent Care and Family Beginnings units, as well as Seattle Children’s Hospital Urgent Care. He has been a PALS (Pediatric Acute Life Support) instructor for over 10 years.

Peter Rowinsky, MD

Peter Rowinsky, MD, is a pediatrician practicing in urgent care, newborn nursery, and hospitalist settings. He works at Group Health Cooperative and at Seattle Children's Hospital. Peter has a keen interest in global health and is preparing to transition to a new position with the Texas Children's Global Health Corps in Gaborone, Botswana, where he will be working principally in a clinic for HIV-positive children.

Mary Bove, ND

Dr. Mary Bove obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Midwifery Certification from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She received the Diploma of Phytotherapy/Herbal Medicine at the School of Phytotherapy in Great Britain. She served as a full-time faculty member at Bastyr University and chaired the departments of Botanical Medicine and Naturopathic Midwifery. She is the author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants and has recently produced an App for iPhone/iPad called Momma Nature’s Food Pharm Guide, a guide to the use of common foods and herbs for health, prevention, and kitchen first aid. She lectures internationally and writes on the topics of botanical medicine, pediatrics women’s healthcare and natural childbirth. Dr. Bove currently practices naturopathic family medicine in Brattleboro, VT.

Tamara Cullen, ND

Tamara Cullen, ND is a 1999 graduate of Bastyr University and is a primary care physician at Naturopathic Family Medicine in Seattle.  Dr. Cullen believes that teaching our children the philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine will affect the greatest healthcare change in this world, and she enjoys educating other providers on practicing pediatric medicine.  She served for over five years as adjunct faculty at Bastyr Center for Natural Health and is currently the advanced pediatrics professor at Bastyr University.  She is also a founding board member of the PedANP and ABNP and co-author of The Baby Cuisine Cookbook.