Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It Takes “Nerves” to Win Annual Talent / No Talent Show

Each year Student Council organizes the Talent / No Talent Show, inviting members of the Bastyr community to show off their talents — or lack thereof. A rap about a complex series of nerves took first prize.

TNT opening dance
The opening "dance" that kicked off the TNT event.

This year's Talent / No Talent show had it all, including stand-up comedy, dancing and an original rap song that took serious nerves — the brachial plexus, to be specific. The annual event fills the Bastyr auditorium, where the community comes together to revel, relax and show off their talents. In a first this year, the night featured a webcast of an opera performance from our San Diego campus, which welcomed its first class in September. In total, there were nine performances as well as a free-for-all opening "dance" by all the participants.

Check out this video of the winning performance, an original rap song about the brachial plexus, a complex series of nerves in the arm and shoulder, by DJD and MC Mitteschmerz. 

Here is a full list of the winners.

First Place

DJD (Dan Morlan) and MC Mitteschmerz (Chrissie Cirovic) performing "Nerves" 

People's Choice Award (Tie)

Andrew Jeuchter performing "Cockoo", a harvest celebration

Rolando Fulgencio and Kevin Kuo performing "The Dr. PhilOprahPovich Show - Welcome to the Show"

Other Winners

Kevin Kuo in Borderline Hardcore performing stand-up comedy

Cindy Cheng performing an operatic piece from Bastyr University California.