10 Reasons to Visit Bastyr Just for Fun

Thursday, April 11, 2013

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We'd love to see you for an Admissions visit, but here are other ways to visit our Kenmore campus for kicks.
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If you're ready to have a conversation about education and career and how Bastyr University fits in, our admissions advisors are happy to meet with you.

But if you're simply curious about Bastyr and our gorgeous natural setting, there are other great ways to visit our Kenmore campus, just outside Seattle. Here are 10 reasons to visit just for fun.

1. Tour the Organic Medicinal Herb Garden

Our garden of more than 350 plant species serves as a learning space for studies in botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, permaculture, nutrition and culinary arts. Tended by students and staff, it also provides locally grown produce and botanical medicine. Visitors are welcome to walk among the flowers and fragrant herbs and learn about the healing properties of plants.

2. Walk the Reflexology Foot Path

Featuring smooth native river rock artfully embedded in cement, Bastyr’s 65-foot reflexology path is designed to touch pressure points on the bottom of the feet to detoxify and relieve stress. Constructed entirely by volunteers, the path was the first public outdoor reflexology path in North America. Try taking an invigorating barefoot walk on the path, which is free and open to the public.

3. Eat a Healthy Gourmet Lunch in the Dining Commons

Our award-winning Dining Commons offers a variety of gourmet whole-food entrees prepared from scratch daily. Menus vary by season, featuring vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, along with responsibly sourced meat and seafood. We also offer fresh bakery goods, a salad bar, a dessert bar, espresso drinks and healthy snacks.

4. Admire the Chapel Architecture

Built in 1958 as part of a seminary, the now-secular Bastyr University Chapel has an atmosphere of grandeur and elegance with hand-carved oak paneling, dark oak pews, marble columns, terrazzo floors and brilliant glass mosaic artwork. Constructed with uniquely clear acoustics, the chapel is often used for professional music recordings, including the film scores for Mr. Holland’s Opus, Brokeback Mountain, Mirror Mirror and many video games. The chapel is available for weddings, concerts and other special events.

5. Hike the Wooded Trails

Our serene 51-acre campus offers a network of forested trails beneath giant fir and hemlock trees, popular with hikers and mountain-bikers. The trails connect to a secluded beach on Lake Washington and the 316-acre St. Edward State Park next door.

6. Explore the Eco-Friendly Student Village

Built to LEED-platinum certification in 2010, the cottage-style residential halls feature radiant heat flooring, natural ventilation, energy-saving fixtures, bike storage, green roofs and sustainable landscaping. The Student Village attracts visitors interested in learning about its innovative design and sustainable features.

7. Enroll in a Course for the Public

Bastyr offers a variety of academic, adult-education and continuing education classes that are open to the public, on topics such as qigong and whole-foods cooking. The University is also home to the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations, which offers birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator and lactation educator trainings.

8. Participate in a Study

More than 100 evidence-based research studies in oncology, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, detoxification and qigong have been completed or are under way at the Bastyr University Research Institute. Bastyr research scientists gather clinical data with the help of members of the general public, who can participate in clinical studies and receive state-of-the-art complementary, alternative and integrative (CAM) treatment from leading medical researchers.

9. Pick Up a Book at the Campus Bookstore

The University bookstore features a wide range of books on natural health and healing, along with Bastyr University clothing, unique gifts and healthy snacks. Bookstore purchases support Bastyr’s students and educational programs.

10. Host a Conference or Wedding

Bastyr University’s quiet, reflective atmosphere makes it a great place to host your nonprofit organization’s next retreat, conference or speaking engagement. The chapel is also available for weddings and special events. The facilities include options for meeting rooms, overnight guest rooms, audio/video service, catered meals and free parking.

Bonus 11th Reason: As long as you're on campus, you might as well say hello to a student or faculty member and ask them about their life at Bastyr. They're friendly, and you might just learn something that helps you plan your future.

Here's more on how to get to campus.