Joshua Goldenberg, ND, in Bastyr campus gardenThursday, August 8, 2013
Researchers describe a cultural shift toward balancing clinical evidence, judgment and patient values.Read more »
Friday, August 2, 2013
Summer vacation is nice, but a lifelong academic explains why this is his favorite time of year.Read more »
Students practice medical qigongThursday, August 1, 2013
A qigong continuing education course helps health care providers balance body and mind amid stress.Read more »
Thursday, August 1, 2013
Exercise science alumna Lisa Brudvik finds unexpected joys teaching fitness at a retirement community. Read more »
Faculty and staff on the San Diego campusTuesday, July 30, 2013
Therese Kimbell reflects on the energy of her classmates and faculty and the challenges they overcame this year.Read more »
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Core faculty member Brad Lichtenstein lays bare the powerful connection between our breath and our wellness.Read more »
Friday, July 12, 2013
Congratulations to the Bastyr University Class of 2013!Read more »
A ray of sun over the pillars shines on some flowers.Friday, July 12, 2013
This month, we highlight our connection to the city of Kenmore and the community.Read more »
Canada Post mailboxTuesday, July 2, 2013
A leading research journal publishes study supporting naturopathic care for high-risk heart patients.Read more »
Student tapes player's ankleWednesday, June 12, 2013
Students volunteer as trainers for hard-charging volleyball players at Emerald City Classic.Read more »

Health Tips

When the weather changes, viruses always seem to sneak into our homes, offices, and schools. Here are some tips to avoid sickness this time of year and boost your immunity!  

Learn about the cardiovascualr benefits of the hibiscus flower.

Hibiscus tea, a delightfully refreshing beverage with a tart, berry-like flavor, has demonstrated benefits for individuals with hypertension.
What’s motivating you to be healthy? Is it a spouse, grandchildren, a recent health scare, or a full bucket list to accomplish? Thinking about what motivates you will get you to start living a healthy lifestyle.

A natural way to fight sickness this winter.