Center for Social Justice and Diversity

The Center for Social Justice and Diversity supports the education and training of Bastyr community members in culturally responsive practices and dismantling of health inequities and disparities.


We support the education of future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences by creating a welcoming and inclusive learning community, providing opportunities for developing cultural responsiveness and humility, and preparing advocates to dismantle health inequities and disparities. 


The Center for Social Justice and Diversity will transform the health and well-being of the human community through its commitment to ensuring that all people have access to quality and culturally responsive health care. 

Areas of Focus

We work to ensure that Bastyr becomes an inclusive and welcoming community for all that choose to pursue their education through formal and informal mentorship, community building and restorative conflict resolution. 

We provide various training opportunities for students, staff and faculty to ensure that future and current practitioners provide culturally informed and responsive care. 

We provide mentorship opportunities in research that promote culturally responsive practices in health care and advance health access and equity. 

We provide events open to members of the Bastyr community that align with the mission and vision of the Center. Events include: sponsorship to attend conferences and events held in the broader Seattle community related to social justice, diversity and inclusion.