Many Ways to Give

You can support natural health and wellness by giving to Bastyr University. Contact us for information on the many ways you can give to Bastyr. Tax ID Number: 91-1036794

Ways you can give

Donate gifts up to $1,000 through our online portal.

Giving Form

For larger gifts, to ensure that Bastyr is not charged large banking fees, please consider sending a check via the mail, or completing a bank/wire transfer.

Gifts of Stocks, Wire Transfers or Property

Joyce Robertson, [email protected], 425-602-3041

Mail donation checks to: 

Bastyr University

14500 Juanita Drive NE

Kenmore, WA - 98028 

You can support the next generation of natural healers, nutritionists, counselors and wellness advisors. Education is one of the greatest expenses in a student’s life. Financial challenges come from many directions – family loss, low-income households, discriminatory practices, and more. You can make the pathway clearer for truly talented students who have financial needs.

Contact Joyce Robertson, [email protected], 425-602-3041 to discuss options to create scholarships or an endowment.

Being remembered is a human desire. How will those who knew me describe me? What measures can I take to ensure my beliefs about the value of natural medicine can live on and thrive? You can provide for Bastyr’s students and programs through your will and through many planned giving vehicles.

Reach out to Joyce Robertson at 425-602-3041 or email [email protected] and learn more. 

Recommending a gift to Bastyr University through your donor advised fund (DAF) is simple. You can donate directly to Bastyr through your fund advisor. 

Donor Advised Funds

Appreciated stocks can be a great way to donate and gain some tax advantages. Bastyr can receive stock gifts, wire transfers and will discuss gifts of real estate, or personal property. 

Gifts of Stocks, Wire Transfers or Property