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Bastyr University Chapel is known for its exquisite acoustics, as well as rich European décor. Host your wedding ceremony, concerts, or audio recordings in this gorgeous venue.

About the Bastyr Chapel

The Chapel has been used for recording many movie soundtracks beginning in the mid-1990s, including "Mr. Holland's Opus," "Die Hard With a Vengeance," "About Schmidt," “Brokeback Mountain,” and “The Revenant.”  The Chapel also has become a popular space to record soundtracks for video games and television shows. 

With its hand-carved oak paneling, dark oak pews, marble columns, terrazzo floors and brilliant glass mosaic artwork, the Chapel creates an atmosphere of grandeur and elegance, offering a beautiful setting for concerts, speaking engagements, and more  

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Events at Bastyr Chapel

Let Bastyr Chapel set the stage for your unforgettable wedding day!

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For more information about using the chapel for your upcoming concert, recording, or meeting, call 425-602-3075 or email [email protected]