Melissa A Murphy


Melissa Murphy

Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science

School of Natural Health Arts and Sciences

San Diego


Nutrition & Exercise Science

Melissa Murphy is an assistant professor in nutrition and basic sciences at Bastyr University in San Diego.


    Her teaching interests include biochemistry, regulatory metabolism, integrated nutrition and health, learning theory and educational philosophy

    She sees her role as an educator as a facilitator of each student's learning. She aims to create a classroom environment with freedom for questions, discussion, creative thought, and all learning styles. Students are asked to take the lead in understanding how they learn best and to be productive in addressing issues and concerns. The more that students and instructors work as a team in this process the more both will find success. 


    • Dietetic Internship from Ohio State University, 2019 -2021
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Nutritional Biochemistry from Rutgers University, 2017


    Professional affiliations

    • Academy of Nutrtions and Dietetics
    • American Society for Nutrition

    Research Interests

    Regulation of metabolism, the impact of holistic therapy on disease treatment, development of integrated health practice methods, the biochemical impact of gene inheritance and expressions.