Studying Tips and Tricks from a Bastyr Dual-Track Student

open book and notecards with highlighters


Entering Bastyr means.... Studying!! Here are some of our tips and tricks for effective studying while you’re immersed in so much material. 

1. Write it down and talk it out 

Studies and personal experiences show that writing reviews out by hand (on paper or a tablet) is one of the best ways to remember material. Another helpful tip is to try studying with friends and explaining the material to one another - it’s one of the most effective methods to really comprehend the material, draw connections, and see where things aren’t lining up! 

2. Don’t be afraid to look information up again later

Throughout medical school, you’ll learn about different components of human physiology and pathology each year and throughout each course. When you hear something familiar in a course, look it up - it always helps to reiterate information you’ve previously learned. The end goal at Bastyr is to integrate all the material you learn into a comprehensive understanding of the human body and disease. So when that enzyme deficiency sounds like an enzyme you heard of your first year in biochemistry... look it up! 

3. Follow the 50/10 rule 

Research shows that studying for hours and hours is simply ineffective. Follow the 50/10 rule, meaning for every 50 minutes you study, take a 10 minute break. In your break, consider getting some sunlight and movement in. 

4. Review material before class

Another way to effectively learn during lectures is to review the material before class. This way, you can check your understanding with your professor and effectively absorb the material during class time, rather than learning from your notes later.

5. Mnemonics, mnemonics, mnemonics. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there is a lot of material in medical school. Mnemonics learning techniques, such as acronyms or image visualization, are one of the best ways to help your brain keep track of all the new, awesome information you’re learning! 


About the Author

Kirstin is a dual track MACP and ND student at Bastyr University San Diego. She is passionate about mental health, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain and loves exploring the many San Diego hiking spots with her two dogs on the weekends.