When Survivors Give Birth Educators Workshop (20245)

October 22 2020 7:00 pm   through   October 25 2020 5:30 pm
Phone: 425 602 3361
Full Registration $ 619.00
Simkin Course Types
Course Type: When Survivors Give Birth
Audience Childbirth educators, doula trainers, SA/DV counselors, midwives, psychotherapists, nurses, lactation educators and consultants, behavioral health professionals and other experienced educators with passion for working with childbearing people.
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An unparalleled opportunity to gain skills as an educator of the When Survivors Give Birth (WSGB) curriculum and spend 3 days with the co-authors of the groundbreaking book, Penny Simkin PT and Phyllis Klaus MFT, and LMSW. Only up to 25 individuals will be accepted into the Educator Workshop. 7pm-9pm Thursday, October 22. 8am-5:30pm Friday, October 23. 8am-4pm Saturday, October 24. 8am-4:30pm Sunday, October 25. $619 Application Deadline: September 22, 2020.

You will:

Deepen your foundational knowledge for understanding and healing the effects of childhood sexual abuse on childbearing people

Gain professional credentials to instruct the WSGB curriculum

Successful completion of the Educator Workshop and fulfilling additional requirements may lead to your approval as a WSGB Educator.

Schedule Details:

Thursday, 10/24 7-9PM Orientation to the Educator Workshop (Educators only)
Friday 10/25, 8AM-5:30PM Observe and participate in the two- day workshop with other students
Saturday, 10/26, 8AM-4PM Observe and participate in the two- day workshop with other students
Sunday, 10/27, 8AM-4:30 PM Educators Workshop (Educators only)

Qualifications to Attend:

Experienced educator with background in childbirth

Excellent communication skills and/or counseling background,

Experience in serving childbearing people and families with a history of abuse

Passion for educating providers about the needs of this population of clients.

Price: $619

Approved for 24 Bastyr University contact hours.

Apply to Attend:
Application will be available soon! Email simkincenter@bastyr.edu to receive updates. Application must be submitted by 5PM (PST) Tuesday, September 25, 2019.

Approval as a WSGB Educator: 

Your application will demonstrate your understanding and successful application of the education and/or counseling process.  Includes written records of your work with several women using the WSGB techniques. More information about the workshop and approval process is available here: http://whensurvivorsgivebirth.net/118-2/​

Simkin Center Leadership Fund scholarships are available.  Visit: http://www.bastyr.edu/simkin-center/simkin-center-scholarships

Simkin Center can help with information about lodging, ride and room sharing etc.
Questions:  Contact simkincenter@bastyr.edu 425-602-3361