November 13 2021 9:00 am   through   November 13 2021 1:00 pm
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Free online workshop to learn more about the Washington HEAL Act, how to interact with Washington Health Disparities Map and how to navigate government channels to let your voice be heard.

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Elise Rasmussen
 Elise Rasmussen

Elise Rasmussen co-author of the HEAL Act from the Washington Department of Health and Sierra Rotakhina from the Washington Department of Health and the Environmental Justice Council

Elise Rasmussen Biography:

As a former teacher serving Black and Brown students living in low-income communities, and as a Black person growing up in Minneapolis’ Black community, Elise Rasmussen knows how a neighborhood can determine access to quality education, healthy food, economic opportunity, adequate and affordable housing, as well as clean air, water, and soil. After teaching, she returned to school for her master's degrees in Public Health and Urban Planning with the desire to tackle the root causes that perpetuate health inequities and to think upstream about creating healthy environments for all. Upon graduating, Elise managed Washington’s Environmental Justice Task Force, and helped to write the HEAL Act – new WA state legislation which makes many of the Task Force’s recommendations state law. Elise recently transitioned to a new role as the Climate Equity Coordinator at the WA State Department of Health where works at the intersection of climate, environmental, health, and racial justice.

Sierra Rotakhina Biography: 

Sierra Rotakhina grew up in a small, rural town where the beautiful assets of mountain living (resilience, a strong sense of community, a culture of taking care of your neighbors, and the beauty of the environment) existed alongside poverty, a lack of access to resources and jobs, and an economy dependent on outdoor adventure tourism. Growing up surrounded by disparities in income, health, and access to resources led Sierra to pursue her master’s degree in public health and to dedicate her career to integrating equity and justice into state government policies, programs, and research. Sierra is now the manager for the Environmental Justice Council created by the HEAL Act.    


 Free! Thanks to C3 (Communities of Color Coalition) and Bastyr University, and the support of, North Sound ACH (Accountable Communities of Health), and generous donors (like you? CLICK HERE to donate)


Saturday, November 13th, 9am-1pm PT This event is part of a speaker series from Health and the Climate Crisis, a community and academic educational partnership where “science and policy meet compassion”*

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This event is continuing work from our Health and Climate Crisis conference in Spring 2021. It is brought to you by a community and academic education partnership. Darrell Hilliare, Executive Director of Children of the Setting Sun Productions, said it best when he said this is where “science and policy meet compassion.”

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